Portalegre Tapestries in Brazil

Published in 2012-10-16

Portalegre Tapestries in Brazil

Year of Portugal in Brazil shows Portalegre Tapestries in São Paulo

The exhibition "A Arte de Tecer - Tradição e Modernidade (A Manufactura de Portalegre na FIESP)" (The Art of Weaving – Tradition and Modernity (Portalegre Tapestry at FIESP), which is integrated in the Year of Portugal in Brazil, brings to São Paulo art pieces from artists that during the last seven decades have collaborated with Portalegre Tapestry Manufacture. Portalegre tapestries from Almada Negreiros, Júlio Pomar, Eduardo Nery , Le Corbusier, Vieira da Silva, Arpad Szenes, Graça Morais, Sónia Delauney, Bruno Munari, Pedro Calapez, Lourdes Castro, Álvaro Siza, Rigo 23, Jean Lurçat, Burle Marx and Joana Vasconcelos, among others, will be shown.

The exhibition will let you know how unique works of art arise from Portalegre looms, as a result of the artists’ creative genius that is materialized in the original paintings, the expertise of those that as true translators of the artist work, enlarge and transform it in the weaving drawing, and the artistry of the weavers who accurately to the last detail produce the final work.

Taking place at the SESI – SP Galery, Centro Cultural Ruth Cardoso, at FIESP (Federation of the Industries of the State of São Paulo) headquarters, between December 7th 2012 and March 10th 2013, this exhibition is an initiative from Espirito Santo Cultura and Portalegre Tapestry Manufacture.


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